Ellen Underwear Model Search: Our Picks

Devoted Ellen fans and frequent readers of The Underwear Expert (could someone make a Venn diagram of this?) are both probably aware of the Ellen Underwear model search that is currently underway. She’s holding a contest to find a new model for her Ellen Underwear line. Although she’s looking for amateur models, we thought we’d nominate some professional options for fun. These are the top five experienced models who should become the face of Ellen Underwear if the amateur search doesn’t work out.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Look Becks, we love ya, but if Ellen Underwear was fronted by Ronaldo, there would definitely be some converts from your brand to hers. Why hasn’t he done more campaigns?

Boray Kocoz

Boray is on our shortlist of models to become the next big thing. He’s got the abs, the eyes, the lips and the attitude. Goodness, look at that attitude and we know Ellen loves a good attitude.

Muriel Vilela

Muriel Vilela has the sort of body that makes men and women of any sexual preference stop what they’re doing and stare. Stick Muriel in Ellen’s underwear and you’ve got yourself a noteworthy campaign.

Yadier Rodriguez

Most models have impressive muscles, but not all of them have the kind of mass that will make even a body builder think “yeah, I should look like that.” If Ellen is looking for a big model, Yadier is the man for her.

Davey Wavey

The high maintenance  fashion loving crowd won’t respond to just any model. Davey Wavey has the look and the flair to capture the imagination of even the most glamour-hungry guy.

Photo Credit: DNA, Emporio Armani, Pump!, Wong Sim, Aydin Arjomand


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