Ellen Underwear Model Search Continues

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As the Ellen Underwear model search continues, submissions are pouring into Ellen Degeneres’s inbox. Model hopefuls from all over the country are vying for an opportunity to be the face and body of Ellen underwear. Will this job give them the same fame and popularity that Calvin Klein Super Bowl model, Matther Terry, is currently enjoying? “It probably won’t, but it could,” joked Degeneres.

Super Bowl worthy or not, some of these amateur models were shown on a recent episode of Ellen. Who are they? What do they bring to the table? We comment below.

 1. Travis Walsh

This Canadian is not afraid of a little frostbite. While his extremities may have suffered nerve dammage, at least he got to appear in his underwear on national television. We admire his guts and recommend he sit in a tub full of lukewarm (not hot!) water immediately.

Ellen Underwear Model Search 1

2. Jill Byerly’s Husband and Son

Ok. A couple of things. 1. How weird would it be if your mom sent in a photo of you and your dad in underwear to a TV show? 2. Is that kid even 18? 3. If he is, he should really look into modeling.

Ellen Underwear Model Search 2

3. Jeremy Combs

Get it? Clever one, Jeremy. Ellen announced that this third amateur model was her “model of the day.” Sure. We probably would’ve gone with Jill’s son, but whatever.

Ellen Underwear Model Search 3

Think you can beat these amateur models? We have our own model search going. You can send in submissions to The Underwear Expert for our Underwear Model Search Tumblr.

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  1. Keion Johnson says:

    I have worked very hard to live a healthy life style and it took 4 years for me to reach the point of fitness where I am today. I wanted to try to see if I had what it takes to become a model. Underwear modeling is something I always wanted to do but never knew where to get started and have had the opportuity to do so.

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