Crazy Columbia Professor Strips

This ranks pretty highly on our list of weird underwear-related news. Last week, Professor Emlyn Hughes of Columbia University took off his clothes in front of his quantum mechanics class. He then dressed up in black and crouched in the fetal position. Footage of the World Trade Center towers collapsing and Nazis marching was played on the screen behind him as a pair of ninjas came on stage and skewered a stuffed cat with a katana.

Why did the Columbia professor strip? What was with the disturbing video clips? It was all to illustrate to new students how wacky quantum mechanics can be.

“In order to learn quantum mechanics, you have to strip to your raw, erase all the garbage from your brain, and start over again,” Hughes said. “Nothing you’ve learned in your life up til now is in any way going to help prepare you for this. . . . I’ve been tasked with the impossible challenge of teaching you quantum mechanics in one hour.”

Yeah, ok. We’re all for stripping down to underwear, so props for that. But 9/11? The Holocaust? Come on, dude. There has got to be a way to say “quantum mechanics is confusing” that doesn’t involve showing such morbid footage. Next time, get someone who isn’t totally bonkers to vet your great idea.
[vimeo 59932634 w=500 h=350]

Photo and Video Credit: New York Daily News


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