Colby Melvin on The Price is Right

One of our favorite underwear models, Colby Melvin, made an appearance on The Price is Right during an episode featuring athlete Charles Barkley. On the episode, which aired last Thursday, Colby managed to win a motorcycle and compete in the Showcase Showdown. Going on The Price is Right and meeting Charles Barkley all in one day? Here at The Underwear Expert, we’re feeling more than a little envious of Colby, who managed to fulfill two of our childhood dreams at once. Despite our envy, we couldn’t be more proud of Colby. He was as polite, funny and charming as ever. Read what he thought about the experience then watch Colby Melvin on The Price is Right after the jump.

Speaking on his appearance, Colby told The Underwear Expert, “It was all such an adrenaline rush honestly. The day before we filmed the show my roommate said he had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted to go so I said “why not?”

“It was funny because several months before the producers from The Price is Right asked me to come in and apply to become the new male model,” Colby continued. “I brought that up in my interview hoping it would help my chances. I found out later that the casting producer recognized me from the splatter shoot! As far as the bike, Brandon and I plan on doing a photo shoot with it and then selling it!”

Well done, Colby! Watch the video of Mr. Melvin winning the bike below.


Photo and Video Credit: CBS


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