Candyman Thongs Tantalize with Bright Colors

Candyman launches a stylish new collection of thongs in bright neon colors proving that erotic underwear doesn’t have to be black and white. Currently available, the Candyman thong 9679 is offered in fuchsia, green and orange while the brand’s 9680 thong is presented in yellow, orange, fuchsia and green. These styles retail for less than $16.

Further adding a burst of pop, the new colorful Candyman thongs glow in the dark. The 9679 thong and 9680 thong are sure to make your package stand out especially during intimate encounters. The various color choices gives consumers a variety of options while enticing new customers to Candyman.

The Candyman thongs showcase a unique design intended to accentuate your goods. The Candyman 9679 thong offers a sexy V-opening in the front and back to draw attention to your pubic area and contour of your butt. Candyman’s thong 9511, which offers a similar cut, is one of the brand’s top sellers.

The Candyman thongs are made from a soft and stretchable microfiber blend that consists of 84% nylon and 16% elastane. Both thongs feature a contour pouch designed to hold and lift your package. What’s more, the thin waistband and backside string of the thongs is extremely durable and stays in place throughout the day.

The Candyman thongs are available in S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Candyman

Candyman Thong Green

Candyman Thong Orange

Candyman Thong Orange Backside

Candyman Thong Fuchsia

Candyman Thong Yellow

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