Calvin Klein Super Bowl Ad Recap

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Calvin Klein Super Bowl Ad Recap 1

This morning, everyone was talking about one of two things: that Beyonce halftime show and the Calvin Klein Super Bowl ad. (We’re sure someone out there was talking about the game, but they don’t work at The Underwear Expert). As underwear fans know, the Calvin Klein ad was the industry’s biggest claim to Super Bowl fame since the David Beckham for H&M ad last year.

The 30 second tv spot featured Matthew Terry, who made over 100 million people stop and stare. “I couldn’t believe it when I found out last week that the Calvin Klein Underwear campaign was going to break on television during the Super Bowl,” Mr. Terry said. “I am a huge football fan, and played in high school, so it’s exciting to think that I will be in a commercial during the biggest, most-watched game in the country. Working with the Calvin Klein team and representing such a legendary brand has been a wonderful, surreal experience.”

The reactions to the ad were many. To help get a sense of the public opinion, we turned to Twitter. These were some of our favorite tweets from the night, many of which coming just seconds after the commercial aired.


Matthew Terry rightly enjoyed his starring role in the attention-grabbing spot, tweeting the following:

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For more information about this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

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