Bread & Boxers Video: A Love Story

Bread & Boxers Video Image

Bread & Boxers underwear is all about the simple things in life. Wake up, drink coffee, wear great underwear, eat bread – the list of uncomplicated pleasures goes on. To help show the pure lifestyle that the people at Bread & Boxers believe in, the brand has debuted a new short film that’s equal parts romantic and comforting. It’s the perfect feeling for Valentine’s Day. The Bread & Boxers video shows the morning routine of a young man and a young woman who live in apartment units across the courtyard from each other. There’s plenty to smile at in the video, especially the literal combination of great underwear and bread. We like a brand that stays true to its name. Watch the video below, then see the photos from the upcoming Bread & Boxers campaign after the jump.

The images from the upcoming Bread & Boxers campaign hark on similar themes as the video. Men are shown going about their daily routine, enjoying their underwear and relaxing. The black and white shoot is as simple as the lifestyle it advocates, and it effectively expresses the contentedness of the Bread & Boxers-wearing models.

Check out our review of the brand’s basic underwear here. Do you believe in savoring the simpler pleasures of life? Is the new Bread & Boxers video an effective expression of the brand’s core values?

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