The Best Underwear for Fashion Week

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February 7th is just days away and fashion fans in New York are getting ready for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (that’s New York fashion week, for the uninitiated). Of course, the moda-madness extends to underwear fans as well. Fashion week is no time to wear your laundry-day boxers. This is the week you whip out your best pairs of underwear to celebrate the showing of high fashion’s fall 2013 collections. We made a list of the best underwear for fashion week to prepare you for the style tsunami that’s about to hit. Check out our six picks below, and let us know what you’ll be wearing during New York fashion week!

6. Versace Briefs

Fashion week is all about glamour, style and elegance. Versace embraces all three of those qualities in its underwear.

Best Underwear for Fashion Week Versace

5. Modus Vivendi Premium Gold Boxer Brief

Don’t be afraid to shine for fashion week. A little glitter and gold can go a long way.

Best Underwear for Fashion Week Modus Vivendi

4. Emporio Armani Briefs

If you prefer to stick with the Italian fashion houses, you can’t do much better than Armani. These Emporio Armani briefs will catch the attention of anyone who sees them.

Best Underwear for Fashion Week Emporio Armani

3. House of Holland Boxer Briefs

Show that you’re not afraid of color with an eye-catching pair of House of Holland boxer briefs. After all, fashion is for people who want to be noticed.

Best Underwear for Fashion Week House of Holland

2. Bruno Banani Funtastics Reptile Short

Agressive patterns, weird textures and daring colors? Sounds like fashion week. Bruno Banani will keep you in the trendy crowd.

Best Underwear for Fashion Week Bruno Banani

1. Burberry Check Waistband Boxer Briefs

Burberry keeps you stylish with a trendy waistband, but classy with a monochromatic look. This is a pair you could wear during fashion week, or whenever you want to impress!

Best Underwear for Fashion Week Burberry

For more information about these brands: Bruno Banani, Burberry, Emporio Armani, House of Holland, Modus Vivendi, Versace

Photo Credit: Bruno Banani, Burberry, Emporio Armani, House of Holland, Versace, Aydin Arjomand


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