Petit Q Benjamin Godfre Photos

In a recent Los Angeles mostly NSFW photo shoot by Allen Zaki with Benjamin Godfre, Benjamin sports underwear brand Petit Q’s latest range. As you’ll see in the photos, Petit Q embraces its sexuality with confidence. The brand is just plain sexy, and they’re not apologizing for it. They’re not just sexy for sexy’s sake, however. These designs embody risky and daring design choices, that ultimately pay off. The underwear industry doesn’t always stray too far off from average been-there designs, and so we applaud this brand with saying f*ck it and going there. And who knows — these designs could be the future of men’s underwear. What do you think? In the brand’s photo shoot by Allen Zaki, Benjamin is as seductive and eye-catching as ever. Pair Benjamin with the bold and sexy designs of the new Petit Q underwear collection, and you’ve got a real situation on your hands. Is this too far? Is this sexy? Is this modern underwear at its best?!
Photo Credit: Allen Zaki for Petit Q

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