Bar Rafaeli Causes Controversy With GoDaddy Ad

GoDaddy is known for is irreverent Super Bowl ads. Every year, the company manages to find a new way to alienate, irritate and many times piss off large segments of the population. Bar Rafaeli, the Israeli supermodel who designed Under me, starred in this year’s ad. Will the Bar Rafaeli underwear brand get any publicity from her TV stunt?

The GoDaddy ad shows a leggy brunette girl, Danica Patrick, in a leather GoDaddy jacket next to Bar Rafaeli and a nerdy kid named Walter (played by Jesse Heiman). Danica explains the complex metaphor behind the ad: GoDaddy is the perfect combination of smart and sexy for your business. To prove the point, Bar and Walter lean in and make out for like, fifteen seconds.

Most of the Super Bowl’s tweeting audience was not kind to the ad, calling it everything from “awkward” to “sexist.” Check out the tweets below and let us know what you thought of the Go Daddy commercial.



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Photo Credit: GoDaddy


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