Aussiebum Billy Range Draws ‘70s Influence

Aussiebum Billy brief

Aussiebum attempts to bring back the fun look of the ‘70s with its latest underwear collection. Currently available, the Aussiebum Billy series features a variety of briefs ($16.83 USD) that showcase exciting retro prints with throwback color combinations and an ultra comfortable fit.

The Aussiebum Billy range  is made from 100% Australian cotton. This fabric is incredibly lightweight and offers a breathable feel compared to other cotton fabrics. The Australian-based underwear brand designed these undies to target men who appreciate comfort and iconic imagery.

The new Aussiebum collection screams bring me back to the ‘70s now. It features nine retro designs “encapsulate the essence of strength and creativity,” according to the brand. “You’ll never fall short with Billy.”

The new designs include: Billy Island, which showcases a retro print of an exotic island;  Billy Acid, a colorful play on psychedelic print; Billy Diver, a retro interpretation of camouflage print; Billy Galaxy, which shows throwback illustrations of classic video game characters; Billy Essence, a red and white floral design; Billy Boiler, a mix of vivid colors and unique geometric print; Billy Wars, a playful print of retro cartoon characters; Billy Gazer, a neutral tone of floral prints; and Billy Chopper, a colorful play on camouflage print.

The Aussiebum Billy briefs are available in XS-XXL.

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