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Happy international condom day! Andrew Christian is celebrating by partnering with Wet, a leading distributor of personal intimate lubricant, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global AIDS organization. While Wet is providing lubricant and condoms in every Andrew Christian order for three months, AHF is including cards with important information on how to join the “New Sexual Revolution.” You had us at Andrew Christian condoms, though.

“We believe that in the 21st Century, the New Sexual Revolution needs to also be about respecting yourself and your partner enough to use protection and prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs. We hope this new outlook will also bring the much-needed cultural normalization of safer sex practices,” said AHF President Michael Weinstein.

Andrew Christian has committed to giving out at least 27,000 condoms throughout the campaign. That’s a lot of protection! The company is also promoting safe sex videos.

“Last year Andrew Christian’s marketing campaigns went viral due to our extremely sexual videos,” said Andrew Christian. “Using that sexual attention to our advantage, we feel like now is the perfect time to reinforce the importance of safer sex to our fans and community.”

For more information about AHF, visit the organization’s website.

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