U.S. Presidents in Swimwear.. and a Toga

Did you know that President Obama works out for an hour every day? Just because you’re the leader of the free world doesn’t mean you can’t look good in a pair of boxers or swim shorts. To celebrate Presidents Day, we made a gallery of president swimwear sightings. Some look great, some show their age and some probably were never destined to be models (we’re looking at you, Nixon). Of course, it wouldn’t be a POTUS swimwear party without the man on whose birthday we placed the holiday. Even George Washington is here. Check out our president swimwear sightings below and let us know who gets your vote for swimwear style.

Barack Obama

Our current commander in chief and leader of the free world might opt for boring board shorts, but at least they fit. Combine this photo with the knowledge that President Obama wears David Beckham Bodywear for H&M, and we’re ready to give our president a good grade.

Bill Clinton

President Clinton wore standard old-guy swim trunks in this charming photo with Hillary. We like a man with a sense of humor and the two-term president certainly has it. Who knows? Depending on how 2016 goes, this photo could be a double dose of president swimwear sightings. Fingers crossed!!

Ronald Reagan

Why was everyone was pulling their swimwear past their navels? We aren’t fans. That being said, President Reagan looks good. Like, really good. Here’s a man who took the fashion trends of his time and made them timeless.

Gerald Ford

President Ford doesn’t look any better or worse than your average aging politician. He gets a solid B- for  a nice-fitting pair of swim shorts.

Richard Nixon

The plaid is sort of cool. Otherwise, there aren’t many positive things we can say about President Nixon’s swimwear style. Swimgate indeed.

John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy could swim. He famously rescued one of his crew members from the PT-109, swimming three and a half miles and towing the injured sailer with him. He was also a member of the Harvard swim team. Needless to say, he was comfortable in a pair of swim trunks.

John Kennedy Jr.

JFK’s son was never president, but come on – he definitely could have been. This guy can rock a swim trunk like no other and is hopefully resting in peace.

George Washington

Finally, we have President Washington. You might be really shocked and surprised surprised to learn that there are few photographs of him in swimwear. We were. This statue was carved by Horatio Greenough, who completed the piece in 1840. The statue, of course, is clearly based on the Zeus Olympios by Phidias. The president is holding a sheathed sword with the hilt towards the viewer, symbolizing the transfer of power back to the people. While we believe artistic liberties were taken in this depiction of our first president, we would be remiss to not assign President Washington our highest grade for fitness and style.

Photo Credit: AP, Artsy Swag, Chexy Decimal, Getty, NegativeSpace, Station Cinema Blind


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