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Perhaps there is nothing new under the sun, but surely there are better combinations. That’s the hope behind the new underwear brand called Agacio. Seeking to combine the most comfortable fabric with the best designed pouch, the brand’s designers have taken two focuses of underwear manufacturing and brought them together under a unified vision. This is underwear “designed by men… for men.” We had a talk with the man behind Agacio, Joel Gandara, who explained the vision for the brand and why it’s the most comfortable underwear that he’s ever worn. When you’re done reading, check out detailed product information here.

UE: So let’s talk about Agacio! Is that how you say it? Is it AgaCHIO or AgaSSIO?

Agacio: It’s AgaSSIO. It’s a Greek word that means “good.” That’s our intention. It’s a very good underwear. Everything’s been done in underwear, but it’s a perfect combination of a couple of things. We use modal. That’s the majority of the product – 96% of it. The other 4% is spandex. The fabric is incredibly soft and you can barely feel it on.

And the cut is just right. Whether it be in the jockstrap, the boxer, the thong, a brief or in the future items that we’ll release later, the fit of the pouch is just right. I’ve been wearing different pieces of Agacio for about a month and it’s the most comfortable underwear I’ve worn.

The other thing is that for a product that well made and of that high of quality, it’s probably the best price in the world.

UE: It’s a really good value?

Agacio: Yeah. The most expensive piece tops out at $24 and on the lower side it’s $17. As opposed to comparable products that might be out there that go from $24 to almost $30.

UE: It says on your Facebook page “designed by men… for men.” Could you talk about why that’s important to you?

Agacio: I’ve been wearing shirts that just aren’t right and I know I have an average build and an average size. You just wonder, “how is this supposed to work this way?”

This has happened to me a lot with underwear, too. I’ve worn over 2000 different [pairs of] underwear in my life because of the industry I’ve worked in for a decade. Often enough, you wear something that just doesn’t feel right. It leaves me thinking, “Who was trying this on? Who was designing it?”

That’s the difference with us. We actually design it, try it on and make corrections to make it just right.

Check out some of Agacio’s first pics, and read more about the brand below!





UE: Let’s talk about the logo – how did you think of it?

Agacio: Well, it’s a great product. I don’t think the amount of words that we wanted to convey were available or fit right or looked right. So [the logo is] taking into consideration what it represents, which is something good.

 UE: And are those wings on your logo?

Agacio: Yeah, that might represent something different to every single person. In the end, we reviewed a lot of possibilities. We used different graphic designers, and we were presented with a lot of different things. In the end, it just looked right.

UE: What’s your target demographic?

Agacio: As broad as this sounds, it’s “guys who want comfortable underwear.” Anybody is going to be comfortable in it. I’ve always noticed a younger target for everybody than what I think the reality is. When we do live events, we really get to see who the guy is who’s buying. The young guy probably doesn’t know what he wants and is just looking for a brand name to show out of his jeans. What I notice is that the guys who really know comfort and really have the buying power – they’re 40 and up.

Not that we’re targeting 40-60, but that’s the guy that knows what’s comfortable. He knows what’s right. But really it’s anywhere, from young adult to anywhere.

UE: And what styles are you offering?

Agacio: It’s going to be jockstrap, thong, brief, bikini, low rise brief, a boxer and a low rise boxer. We’re starting the collection very simple. It’s only seven styles and they’re each available in six colors. They’re all solids. In the next few months we’ll start releasing a few more pieces and go away from basics. There’ll be different colors, prints and maybe a little flashier designs.

But one thing we’re not going to compromise is the fit. Especially in the pouch, because that’s the most important part.

UE: In closing, and since V-Day is right around the corner: What pair would you suggest someone to get their significant other for a Valentine’s Day gift?

Agacio: Well red is probably best; for cut it would depend on the individual. If it’s a mainstream guy who doesn’t venture out to much, then our basics boxer is as basic as it can get – basic waistband, solid color and a longer leg. It’s still shorter than what’s out there in department stores, for the most part.

If it’s for a guy who’s a little more risqué, you could get him a jockstrap or a thong. It really depends on what that guy likes. I think that within the seven basics, we cover what guys wear.

For more detailed information about the new Agacio products, click here!

For more information about this brand: Agacio

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