Ask the Expert: Work-Out Underwear for Big Packages

Bryan from Wilmington, DE: I am starting to work out at the gym but I have a problem when it comes to jockstraps and briefs. I kind of have a really large package and can’t find underwear that fully contains it. What should I wear?

The Underwear Expert: A classic case of a cup that runneth over. The problem with jockstraps in general is that they are so scant on coverage, it’s easy for the stuff in the pouch to pop out. Under certain circumstances, this can be sexy, but if you’re using a jockstrap for extra support while working out, popping out can be a problem. Many people have the same problem with briefs, too.

Never fear, we’ve got a few jockstraps for big packages and some other underwear choices that will solve your problem. You’ve got three main options: go for a jockstrap that features a roomier pouch, try a jockstrap/brief hybrid, or just go for a performance brief that offers overall coverage with more support and protection up front.

If you’re set on a traditional jockstrap, we recommend the classic Bike Performance Cotton Jockstrap ($14.) This super comfy jockstrap features a waistband and rear straps that are made from soft elastic, so the fit is never too tight, and therefore doesn’t pull too much on the pouch. The pouch itself is made from a waffle-knit cotton fabric that allows for plenty of room and movement, and the wide knit allows for breathability. Best of all, it comes in a 2-pack, so you’ll always have a fresh one on hand.

Now onto the hybrids. This unique style of underwear is fairly new, and combines the coverage of a brief with the fit and support of a jockstrap. There is a wider strip of fabric in the saddle area, the part that goes between your legs, that will prevent your boys from free-balling, making it the perfect jockstrap for big guys. The Andrew Christian Air Jock ($20) is one of our favorites. The cut-out rear area feels just like the straps you’re used to in a traditional jockstrap, while the Show-It pouch features an inner “comfy cup” that cradles your package, offering amazing support and a sexy bulge boost to boot. Another brief/jockstrap hybrid we’ve been loving is the Go Softwear Pop Cut-Out Brief ($23). It’s made from a soft, breathable polyester and rayon mix fabric that is great for keeping you cool and dry during workouts. The best part is that the Go Softwear Pop Cut-Out Brief comes in a huge assortment of colors and variations, so you can choose your favorite color for some extra pep in your workout.

If you can ditch the idea of a jockstrap altogether, go for a pair of performance briefs specially designed to offer the extra support you need with plenty of room to keep your boys comfortably accommodated. Calvin Klein Underwear offers two varieties we’re huge fans of. The Pro Stretch Hip Brief ($22) is made from stretch cotton, topped off with a Coolmax waistband to quickly wick away sweat, and features a pouch specially designed to offer increased support—it’s a perfect choice. Alternatively, you can also try the Calvin Klein Underwear Pro Stretch Reflex Hip Brief ($24), which is the same style, but made from silky soft microfiber for a sleeker, more modern fit. The Tommy John 360 Active Brief ($22) is made from a polyester/spandex blend fabric that hugs your body for a smooth, sleek fit and full breathability—another excellent choice for big guys. It features a horizontal quick draw fly which provides quick access when nature calls for any sized guy, and the contour pouch is geared for long lasting support.

Now that you’ve got all the support you need for your lower half, don’t forget to keep your upper half just as happy with a healthy diet and plenty of hydration. Have a great workout!

For more information about these brands: Andrew ChristianBikeCalvin Klein UnderwearGo SoftwearTommy John


0 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: Work-Out Underwear for Big Packages

  1. Chris says:

    What about the opposite problem. I have a really small package (yeah, go ahead and laugh but its true) and jockstrap pouches don’t seem to come in smaller sizes. Seems like it just leads to chafing for me. Any suggestions?

    • Rob says:

      One of my partners (I am in a poly relationship) has a similar situation going on as you have/did. the three of us enjoy being in jocks for some reason, but Timy had his problem. We found Bike Swimmer Jockstraps or McDavid straps too, in a smaller waist size have worked. No chaffing, no moving around of the straps so it comes out of position, nothing. Now us “three amigos” are all in the same thing all day.
      Hope this helped you.

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