Top 7 Pairs of Underwear for Small Men

Hobbit Underwear Pull-In

No, we’re not going to list the brands of underwear that Bilbo wore in The Hobbit here, guys. Most of those companies are Middle Earth-only. (Tolkien fans can send their angry emails about where Hobbit underwear comes from here). We just wanted to take a moment to list off some great pairs of underwear for small men. If your briefs are coming off with your jeans, they’re probably too big. Try these picks that are all available in size XS and see if you’re not happier with your reflection.

7. Andrew Christian Del Mar

Hobbit Underwear Andrew Christian

Even if you’re on the south side of 5’9″, you can still look great with your pants off. This pair of Andrew Christian Del Mar Boxer Briefs will fit you well.

6. Pull-In Party Time

Hobbit Underwear Pull-In

Short guys have fun too. You’ll get plenty of attention with Pull-In’s small underwear for men. Pull-In Party Time Shorty Trunk is a great fit for the smaller guy!


Hobbit Underwear SupawearDon’t try to compensate for smaller stature by buying a fancy car or conquering Europe. Feel like a super hero with SUPAWEAR SUPA-MAN low-rise briefs.

4. C-IN2 Grip Collection

Hobbit Underwear C-IN2

The C-IN2 Grip Collection comes in XS and in a serious-business charcoal gray. This small underwear for men is perfect for the smaller guy who isn’t messing around.

3. BodyQ Floralace Boxer Brief

Hobbit Underwear Bodyq

You’re no hulk, but you’re interested in lace underwear? Try the BodyQ Floralace Boxer Brief. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to test out the look of lace.

2. C-IN2 Pop Colors Collection

Hobbit Underwear C-IN2 2

Maybe you like the way C-IN2 fits, but you want something a little more fun than the Grip Collection. Try the Pop Colors and Stripes Collection, featuring great variations on briefs, jockstraps and more!

1. AussieBum’s LockerBoy

Underwear for Small Men 7

Real men, whether they’re heavyweight or featherweight, wear pink. AussieBum offers a supremely soft cotton brief that was made for showing off in a locker room. If you work hard and play hard, the AussieBum LockerBoy is the brief to wear for both.

For more information about these brands: Andrew Christian, AussieBumBodyQ, C-IN2, Pull-In, SUPAWEAR,

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0 thoughts on “Top 7 Pairs of Underwear for Small Men

  1. John Rekart says:

    So, then are there underwear brands that are good for taller men? I am 6’4″ and I find that the sizing charts run a bit small.

  2. Emmanuel Abarquez says:

    I was wondering the same thing as John Rekart! There has to be underwear for tall guys with slim waists. 6’4 and 150 pounds here 🙂

  3. timothy nance says:

    Seeing Philip Fusco in Andrew Christian’s ad at top of this list is awesome! He’s gorgeous, fit, and a top model.. keep those pictures coming

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