Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Underwear Photos

The former Terminator star and two-term Governor is starring in The Last Stand which just released on the 18th, so to celebrate we’ve got our top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger underwear photos! Arnold started bodybuilding at age 15, and pretty much maintained a negative body fat percentage ever since. After winning the Mr. Universe competition at age 20, he went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest… seven times. Rumor has it there were even steroids in his baby formula… Okay, maybe we made that last part up, but the point is the guy looks ridiculously ripped in a pair of underwear. Perhaps these Arnold Schwarzenegger underwear photos will be enough to convince kinda-wife Maria Shriver to finally reconcile with the ripped actor and politician?

Scroll through our top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger underwear photos and let us know what you think!


Something about these Arnold Schwarzenegger underwear photos just makes you go, “Holy biceps, Batman!”


Terminator producers found Schwarzie magestically dancing, and knew they had to have him.


Again, this goes back to the whole “Holy biceps!” thing, except with pecs… and abs… and..


You look at these Arnold Schwarzenegger underwear photos and can’t help but think, “Does he eat falcon eggs for breakfast??”


How many times did he win Mr. Olympia again? Seven? Wait, is he picking a wedgie?


Hail Muscles? What the F is he doing?


Oh, you know, just hanging out with the guys. There’s something slightly homo-erotic about this photo.


And this one…  How’s that Kesha song go? “Wake up in the mornin’ feelin like the most ripped man on Earth.”


Just another day in the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger we’re guessing, but sparkling swim briefs? You go, Terminator.


Didn’t see a Conan pic coming, did you? We’re guessing they had to skin a whole bear for fur undies to fit around those muscular thighs! Is it us or does Termie look like he’s having a wardrobe malfunction down below?

Photo Credit: Zimbio, MamaMia, Fame Watcher, Art House, Extreme Body Building Blog, Spot Me Bro


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