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Todd Sanfield, the model, student and founder of The Todd Sanfield Collection, recently appeared on the cover of Oh My God! magazine. The Spanish publication also included another Todd Sanfield photo in which he appeared against a dark black background. The images were shot by Kevin McDermott, who Todd worked with on Motel Hotel. We caught up with Todd to ask him about his latest shoot. Read what he has to say below, and then have a look at the final product (plus, we have the English version of the magazine’s interview after the jump).

The Underwear Expert: You worked with Kevin McDermott for your book series, how did this recent collaboration come about?

Todd Sanfield: The book was never planned, that is the beauty of it.  When I first met Kevin we wanted to do something really sexy, but not overboard, and get it published.  The images turned out to be pretty good. For this, we threw some ideas around, and then boom!

The Underwear Expert: What can we expect from you in the New Year?

Todd Sanfield: Who knows? I don’t even know. One thing I can assure you is that The Todd Sanfield Collection will have new product in six months!  We are about to make that next jump and I am excited.

The Underwear Expert: Do you speak any Spanish?

Todd Sanfield: NO! And what a regret!  I blew Spanish class off when I was younger.  Now, a few of my good friends speak Spanish as their primary language. I feel like an idiot around them!

Todd Sanfield Photo 1

Todd Sanfield Photo 2

In addition to the photos, Oh My God! included a brief interview with Sanfield, covering his beginnings as a designer and his book. Check out the interview below, and let us know what you thought of Oh My God!‘s Todd Sanfield photo and cover.

OMG: How did you start creating an underwear collection?

Todd Sanfield: When I was younger I can remember my mom being creative. She was into crafts, interior designing, playing with colors, and today she creates doll house miniatures.  I was always indirectly exposed to a creative world because of her.  I take after my mom’s personality more than my dad’s, so when I got a little bit older I started to express my creativity as well.  However I didn’t know where it would take me.

OMG: Why you decided to design underwear?

Todd Sanfield: I always wanted to do more than model, but did not know what.  Modeling for me was just an opportunity to be involved in a creative world.  Underwear was the way for me to express myself creatively; it just worked out that way.  I continued to work hard on myself, including my education, and progress in life to the best of my ability.  Then, one day, the opportunity presented itself to me.

OMG: Do you think that being so handsome gave you more facilities in order to expand your brand?

Todd Sanfield: Well, I do not like to talk about myself being handsome or good looking because it does not sound right.  I work hard to maximize my potential, and that makes me more confident, and people seem to notice.  I think my hard work along with my ambition and perseverance is what allows me to expand my brand.  There are so many great looking people in this world, people much better looking then me.  What makes me any different then them?  If I had to come up with one reason, then I would say that it is my attitude about how I live life.

OMG: Who is your brand designer and where do ideas come from?

Todd Sanfield: I am the brand designer and the ideas come from my athletic background.  When I was really young, from the age of 4 until 19 years old, all I did was play sports.  It was always a big deal when new athletic gear came out and who got it first.  The guys who had the new gear always seem to look and play the best.  They would stand out above the rest.  This is where I get my ideas.

OMG: Apart from having your underwear brand… what else do you do?

Todd Sanfield: Currently, I am in my third year of graduate school studying to be a Pharmacist (Doctor of Pharmacy, PharmD).  I have this year and next year until I am finished.  I spend a lot of time studying!

Also, a beautifully done, sexy coffee-table book recently came out using me as the only subject called, MOTEL | HOTEL.  This was shot by Kevin McDermott, the same photographer that shot the cover.  It’s almost sold-out of the 1000 copies.  If you are interested, you can see it at

For more information about this brand: Todd Sanfield Collection

Photo Credit: Oh My God!


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