10 Sportstar Underwear Models

We looked at some of our favorite athletes in underwear ads of all time in our article, The Athlete Underwear Connection. What about recent campaigns? Are there still sportstar underwear models fronting today’s campaigns? The answer, of course, is yes. To make sure our readers are in the know, we made a list of 10 athletes-turned underwear models that you should be aware of.

10. David Beckham

Yes, this is the obvious one. David Beckham has his own line for H&M, so it makes sense that he would model it. There’s no way we could complain about these ads anyway.

9. Ben Cohen

Rugby star and gay rights advocate Ben Cohen has fronted a recent Bluebuck campaign. The proceeds of the partnership go to Cohen’s charity, The StandUp Foundation, an organization dedicated to stopping the bullying of potentially homosexual children.

8. James Magnussen

The Olympics are like underwear model training camps. James Magnussen is an Olympic swimmer who went back to Australia to be a spokesmodel for Jac5.

7. Thom Evans

The ex-rugby player from Scotland was recently announced as the new face of D.HEDRAL. We’re excited to see what the brand has in store for Evans.

6. Michael Phelps

He’s technically sponsored by a swimwear brand and this ad is for a designer bag, but Annie Leibovitz’s bathing Phelps is a masterful example of a stripped-down athlete in advertising.

5. Tim Tebow

Tebow might not have dropped trou for Jockey, but he still generated some buzz for the brand with his conservative style of modeling.

4. Pat Lambie

The up and coming rugby star fronted a South African campaign for Jockey, including this behind the scenes video.

3. Earl Bennet

Another behind the scenes video features NFL star Earl Bennet. This one is part of a BR4SS campaign. “It’s definitely important to swag out your underwear drawer,” claimed Bennet. Indeed.


2. Dwight Howard

Speaking of Basketball, Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard fronted a recent Adidas campaign. “It’s cool to be featured in a marketing campaign in nothing but your Adidas undies,” said Howard.

1. Christian Sprenger

Another Olympic Alumnus, Christian Sprenger, is now the frontman of Hottie. The brand’s director said this about the swimming star: “Christian represents the best Australia has to offer: good humour, good sportsmanship, dedication and commitment to the community.”

For more information about these brands: AdidasBR4SSBluebuckD.HedralDavid Beckham Bodywear for H&MHottieJac5JockeyLouis Vuitton

Photo Credit: Adidas, BR4SS, Bluebuck, D.Hedral, David Beckham Bodywear for H&M, Hottie, Jac5, Jockey, Louis Vuitton


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