10 Reasons the Ryan Lochte Reality Show Won’t Suck

You won’t have to wait until the Rio Olympics to see Ryan Lochte and his always awesome speedos on your tv screen. There’s a new Ryan Lochte reality show debuting on E! that will reportedly follow the swimmer’s “unpredictable and offbeat life.” Titled What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, the show has unsurprisingly been met with its fair share of naysaying, we hear. Some might not believe that the publicity-hungry Lochte is the best subject for a series. Here at The Underwear Expert, however, we’ve got to support the man who will take any chance he can to appear in a swim trunk. Check out the gallery of Lochte below, then read our ten reasons why the Ryan Lochte reality show won’t suck after the jump.

Top Ten Reasons the Ryan Lochte reality show won’t suck:

10. The title

There isn’t a lot of information yet about the show, but hopefully the title isn’t just a WWJD reference. A great reality show would put our favorite swimmer in difficult situations to find out what Ryan Lochte would do. What would Ryan do if he were mistaken for Michael Phelps by a beautiful woman? Let’s hope this show gives us the answer.

9. The network

You know the network that brought you those shows about the Kardashians is going to do good work with our man. Don’t let us down, E!.

8. Build up to Rio

Sure, some might complain that Ryan Lochte’s time before the next Olympics would be better spent training, but we’re happy he’s staying in the spotlight.

7. His Twitter feed

Ryan has a distinctive way of speaking. He embodies everything we want from our mega-jocks. Check out his Twitter feed and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

6. He has a shoe collection of over 150 sneakers

Gotta catch ’em all.

5. Lochte’s family

Ryan’s mom, whose name is apparently Ike, must be an amazing woman to have raised such a champion. We want to know more. What was he like a child? What are his sisters like? How awesome would it be if his brother were a total nerd?

4. Ryan Lochte clubbing

It’s not that we haven’t seen Lochte party before. It’s that we can’t get enough of it.

3. Ryan Lochte working out

We’re hoping for some tips. Lochte is a famously hard worker who apparently isn’t afraid to go until he vomits. Hopefully he won’t give away his swimming secrets to his competitors.

2. Jeah! Jeah! Jeah!

1. All those Ryan Lochte swimsuit sightings

Go back up and look at the Ryan Lochte gallery again. How can you not watch this show?

Photo Credit: TMZ, Pop on the Pop, People, Famewatcher, Vogue, Just Jared


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