9 Reasons Underwear Matters

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Have you ever talked to someone who claimed, “I don’t really wear underwear?” For us hardcore underwear fans, it can be tough to know what to say when confronted by a commando kid. Maybe you want to help them see the error of their ways, but you don’t know how to show them the light. We put together a list of 9 reasons underwear matters so that you’ll be better prepared. Next time someone says that underwear is unnecessary, show them this list and maybe you’ll have a new brother in underwear love.

9. Everyone gets caught with their pants down.

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It happens to the best of us. Don’t let this awkward moment become even more embarrassing. You want your unexpected strip tease to leave them thinking about how cool your underwear was, not judging your anatomy.

8. Surprise sleepovers.

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You never know where you’ll need to crash. It’s best to at least have the option of not sleeping nude. I mean, who wants to wear someone else’s underwear anyways??

7. We can see your junk.

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What’s that peeking around the corner? Ah, the subtle outline of John’s ham. Lovely. Underwear helps to keep guest appearances at a minimum.

6. Strip poker.

Reasons Underwear Matters 9

Wonder why you keep losing? Everyone else has another layer. Underwear keeps you in for at least one more hand.

5. Semi-skinny dipping.

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Or would it be called chubby dipping? Sometimes you just gotta swim, but it’s not really the right mood for total nudity. A pair of briefs ensures a good time no matter what the scenario.

4. Luck.

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Ever heard of lucky underwear? Don’t be the downfall of your favorite football team. Wear underwear and enter Lady Luck’s passionate embrace.

3. You never know when you’ll run into The Underwear Expert.

Reasons Underwear Matters 2

We stop people on the street all the time to ask them about the underwear they’re wearing. Wait, you’re not wearing any? Looks like you won’t be on the site.

 2. Everyone wants to pull a Risky Business.

One of the purest joys in life is dancing in your underwear, slightly buzzed on rum and coke. Don’t miss out.

 1. Underwear is awesome!

Reasons Underwear Matters 6

Seriously, what’s your problem? Underwear is the best.

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0 thoughts on “9 Reasons Underwear Matters

  1. LeNair Xavier says:

    I go commando as a boycott to underwear companies for the racism in their campaigns.

    And as for the reasons given, few of them pertain to me. For I don’t have the all-too-common American shame about my body, my junk, or when Mr. Happy wants to make an appearance.

  2. bliedibloe says:

    You are actually not doing a very good job at making your point, are you? This list seems a tad contrived and strained, and most arguments might just as well be used in favour of going commando. Not to mention the fact that there are a few perks to going commando that no type of underwear can offer: better hygiene, better for male health, fewer itches, bigger tackle when flaccid (after some time).
    Not to mention the fact that most (actually all) full-time freeballers I know are level-headed, fit, free-spirited, and, oddly enough, quite good-looking blokes. And a lot of fun – even the straight ones, which is the vast majority. I’ve been out-flirted and out-teased twice, and in both case by a straight freeballer.

    I think more men should follow underwear-commandoes’ example!

  3. Hal says:

    More important reasons overlooked: 2. Protect your clothes from embarrassing spots, or worse, tracks following bathroom activities. 1. Support for my big low hangers so when I sit down they don’t get squashed between my thighs.

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