January Quarter Homme Campaign

Quarter Homme Campaign Image

Malaysian based underwear brand, Quarter Homme, recently released its newest campaign promoting its underwear. The gallery of photos features model Craig Smith. He takes a bath, watches TV, enjoys a cigarette and lounges, all while wearing the brand’s underwear including briefs and jockstraps. Ian Wong photographed the new Quarter Homme campaign, which is intended to continue the brand’s push through Asia and even into Europe and the United States.

According to Zheng Hao of Quarter Homme, the brand has been expanding over the past year in various countries in Asia such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and (of course) Malaysia. Hao said that “The brand is expecting to tap into Europe and the United States in coming years.”

The January Quarter Homme campaign is a good start towards that goal. The impressive collection of photos puts the brand on the map for many Western underwear fans as images of Craig Smith catch the attention of Americans and Europeans alike. The series is a more ambitious effort than previous collections such as the Quarter Homme Squared campaign or its bodywear campaign released earlier in 2012.

What do you think of the January Quarter Homme campaign? Have Ian Wong and Craig Smith captured your attention?

For more information about this brand: Quarter Homme

Photo Credit: Quarter Homme


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