Papi Valentine’s Collection Presents Sweet Designs

Papi once again releases its Valentine’s collection with an update of sexy new images and colors on a Brazilian trunk ($20) and muscle shirt ($24). Now available, the Papi Valentine’s collection has been updated with new design themes every year since the brand launched in 1995.

The latest installment of the Valentine’s range presents a creative mix of red and black colors. “We choose to use red as it has always been known as the color of love,” said Lucio De Carvalho, vice president of design for Papi. “Black is dark and mysterious so we felt the combination of the two was perfect for the sexy image that we imagined for this line.”

An ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, the Papi Valentine’s collection features graphic prints of universal symbols of love and passion such as hearts and kisses. The range also includes new interpretations of masculine sex appeal such as car license plates. “While doing our research for the season, we noticed that license plate graphics were going to be a big trend. Cars are often a sex symbol for men so we decided to incorporate a license plate graphic into this line to connect with that theme,” said De Carvalho.

Staying true to the brand’s roots, the collection offers fun Latin terms of endearment with select pieces that present sayings such as “I ♥ Papi” or “I ♥ Mami.” De Carvalho said, “It’s natural for Latinos to call their dearest love papi or mami. The words are forms of endearment to husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, dads, mothers, kids, everyone. We originally came up with the Papi Valentine’s collection for our customers to display this love.”

Available in S-XL, the Papi Valentine’s collection is made from a fabric blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which offers a comfortable fit. The fabric combination adds to the soft touch of the contour pouch and elastic waistband. “All of our fabrics are super soft, making the garments not only sexy, but also comfortable, which is important for every man and every papi,” said De Carvalho.

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Papi Valentine Trunk License Plate

Papi Valentines Trunk Red

Papi Valentines Trunk Black

Papi Valentines Muscle Trunk

Photo Credit: Papi


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