2012’s New Underwear Brands

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A number of up-and-coming underwear brands set their sights on the men’s underwear market in 2012. These newcomers came from diverse countries such as Australia, Denmark, England and the United States and offer something unique for everyone.

What separates these brands apart from the competition is their creative design statement and sources of inspiration. Some brands drew inspiration from a variety of pop culture references. Garcon Model is influenced by a popular movie character while Supawear is inspired by the bright colors of comic cook superheroes. Other brands took their design cues from a variety of unexpected sources. Vanwolff offers predatory inspired imagery from the animal kingdom and Hipstripes reinterpreted the classic black and yellow stripes associated with traffic safety.

Check out our top new underwear brands of 2012. We are excited to see what they will have to offer in 2013.


From the creative designers of Australian-brand 2Eros, Supawear launched this past summer offering sexy and affordable essentials for men. The brand released it’s first three collections: Supaman, Supa-Dupa and Supa-Sonic. Supawear offers “men on Earth” a selection of “sexy, fun and affordable essentials turning them into Supamen,” the brand says. Supawear provides briefs and trunks with bright, superhero-inspired colors such as magenta and cyan. The line also offers sexy low-rise cuts and a bold Supawear logo on the waistband.

Supawear supadrive cyan trunk New Underwear Brand 2012

Zahid Latif Copenhagen
Launched in February, Zahid Latif Copenhagen is a Scandinavian underwear brand that offers unique fabrics. Founded by Zahid Latif, who also serves as the brand’s creative designer, Zahid Latif Copenhagen provides a soft, high-performance fabric infused with an innovative, odor-fighting force. This advanced silver antimicrobial treatment is locked into the garment’s fibers, maintaining an extended freshness between washings, according to the brand. Latif also aims to provide a sensual look for his underwear line without being too extravagant. It features metallic waistbands, vibrant colors and unique textures.

Zahid Latif Copenhagen New Underwear Brand

Garcon Model
Drawing inspiration from the timeless style of the fictional James Bond character, Vancouver-based Garcon Model provides a strong sense of classic masculinity with a hint of luxury in its underwear line. “Our goal is to provide a modern classic elegance that will make men feel confident,” said Mehdi Mebarki, the brand’s founder and creative director. “We wanted to have this universal appeal that carries you throughout any situation.” Garcon Model offers classic cuts for its boxer briefs and briefs as well as sexy low-rise trunks. The brand uses a blend of nylon and elastane to achieve an ultra-soft touch and form-fitting silhouette; the perfect combination for today’s modern man.

Garcon Model New Underwear Brand

Based in Los Angeles, Vanwolff is named after Vancouver, the native city of the brand’s creative designer, and the predatory imagery of a wolf. The brand’s co-founders, Canadian designer Andrew Maxin and his partner, Mark Waier, strive to provide swimwear and underwear that combines a masculine and predatory design theme. The pair hosted a fashion show last summer in West Hollywood, CA to showcase their new swimwear range, Prey. The collection offers unique X-ray images of a frog, snake, seahorse or octopus. The range is made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex. Vanwolff will officially launch its first underwear collection in Spring 2013.

Vanwolff Swimwear Essentials White Brief New Underwear Brands

Urban Active
Liverpool-based Urban Active made headlines last summer for sending Price Harry 100 pairs of its new black and white trunks after partially naked photos appeared of the royal Brit surfaced on the Internet. Urban Active also beefed up its marketing campaign by sending off-duty members of the British Air Force to walk the streets of Liverpool wearing only Urban Active trunks. The brand also staged an exclusive photo shoot with these men. The Urban Active trunks are made from a soft cotton blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. These trunks come in black, white and grey and include stylish metallic waistbands.

Urban Active Mens Underwear New Underwear Brand 2012

What originally started as a gag between the company’s co-founders, Jean Fox and Eyal Unger, eventually turned into Hipstripes. This New York City-based underwear brand offers flirty catch phrases on the waistband of its boxer briefs that are ideal for a birthday gag gift or even an underwear party. Hipstripes provides a variety of different messages such as “Heavy Equipment,” “Wide Load,” “Explosives” and “Caution Protruding Objects.” The Hipstripes boxer brief features the classic black and yellow stripes associated with traffic safety on its waistband as its signature look. The boxer briefs are made from custom-milled fabric consisting of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, with a soft woven jacquard waistband.

Hipstripes Stocking Stuffer Santa Hat New Underwear Brand 2012

For more information about these brands: Garcon Model, Hipstripes, Supawear, Urban Active, Vanwolff and Zahid Latif Copenhagen.

Photo Credits: Garcon Model, Hipstripes, Supawear, Urban Active, Vanwolff and Zahid Latif Copenhagen.


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