Le Slip Francais Wants You to Wear Better Underwear

Le Slip Francais Image

Here at The Underwear Expert, our thoughts at the dawn of a new year are, as always, on underwear. We believe all men could benefit from a simple resolution for 2013: wear better underwear. We came across a video from French underwear brand Le Slip Francais that illustrates the sentiment nicely. La Suprise du Chef! charges viewers with the task of seeking out Le Slip Francais briefs, which, as shown below, turns your eggs into a feast, not a mess. We’re pretty sure it’s a metaphor.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG8M02ECKyU&w=620&h=350]

While we won’t claim that French underwear is the only solution to your undies woes, the ad definitely caught our attention. The brand offers boxer briefs, boxer shorts and various other accessories in addition to the brief shown in the video. Le Slip Francais’ underwear takes its colors from the French flag. If you’re already putting your Bastille Day outfit together, a pair of aggressively-French briefs from Le Slip Francais might be exactly what you need for a bold declaration of francophile pride.

The Le Slip Francais is available in three sizes – Small, “Classique” and Large. It retails for €26.00 and is made from knitted, 100% cotton.

For more information about this brand: Le Slip Francais

Photo and Video Credit: Le Slip Francais


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