Top 5 Lace Underwear Photos

Lace Underwear Photos 6

There are two types of men: guys who like the idea of lace underwear and guys who just haven’t been convinced yet. If you’re in the latter group, we recommend you check out this new gallery of the top 5 lace underwear photos.

We recently reported on the up and coming lace trend. Unsurprisingly, it caused a bit of controversy. A lot of people couldn’t get around the concept of man wearing an underwear style traditionally reserved for women. In fact, many men’s underwear styles are borrowed from the fairer sex: bikinis, thongs, g-strings – the list goes on.

When many guys think of lace, they think of doilies, women’s lingerie and maybe Queen Elizabeth. The truth is that men’s lace underwear can be both masculine and sexy. Why let women dominate such a seductive style? We collected some of our favorite lace underwear photos that we thought did a great job of showing how real men can wear lace. As is the case with most sexy underwear, the key to making lace work is confidence and bravado. Have a look at the photos below and let us know if you’ll be adding lace underwear to your drawer.

Controversial photographer Terry Richardson shot this photo. The model here shows us that not only can lace underwear look masculine, it can even look rock star.

Lace Underwear Photos 5

Vanity? You? Maybe just a little. There’s nothing wrong with letting people know that you take better care of yourself than the cotton-clad masses.

Lace Underwear Photos 3

There’s nothing Victorian about this pair of underwear. It’s simply a modern example of texture meeting pattern.

Lace Underwear 8

If you want to bring a little bit of Versace runway glamor to your underwear drawer, lace can be a great first step.

Don’t forget, lace might be masculine, but it’s a bold statement. Make sure you wear it with personality and confidence.


Lace Underwear Photos 6

 For more information about these brands: Extreme, Versace

Photo Credit:  Extreme, Homotography,  Idris + Tony, Ruven Afanador, Terry Richardson, Versace


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