Justin Bieber Struts Around in Boxer Briefs

We have a newly released gallery of Justin Bieber clothes sightings in which he carries groceries for an elderly woman!

Just kidding. It’s another series of Justin Bieber underwear sightings. Once again, the prince of pop was captured flashing his underwear waistband because people were watching. As if that wasn’t enough, Bieber proceeded to strip all the way down to his boxer briefs. We’ll give him props for one thing: Justin is consistent.

Justin Bieber recently drew some criticism for mooning his Instagram fans, a move that some consider to be “impolite.” To be fair, he keeps his boxer briefs up in these photos.

The images were taken on Monday, January 28th in Miami, Florida where Bieber is apparently spending his post-album-release free time. His new acoustic record just dropped, giving Beliebers and Biebnostics (can we say that?) alike an opportunity to hear Justin’s soft and sensitive side.

“now to return the favor to all of u…in less than #24HOURS we release #BELIEVEacoustic to the world! Wrote from my heart. hope u like it,” tweeted the recently single Bieber.

Will you be buying the new acoustic Justin Bieber album? Can the singer wear his heart on his sleeve if he’s always shirtless? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Just Jared


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