Hugo Boss Spring Bodywear Campaign

The recently released Hugo Boss Spring Bodywear campaign featuring male model Alex Lundquist is larger-than-life, and appropriately sexy. As the brand is known for representing such a high-fashion and sophisticated view of menswear, the grandeur of the Hugo Boss Spring Bodywear Campaign comes as no surprise.

The photo shoot features a naked female model climbing all over model Alex Lundquist, as she should, because he looks amazing in all the new Hugo Boss underwear selections. Alex wears some new white briefs, black briefs, and a pair of black boxer briefs in this photo shoot for the Hugo Boss Spring Bodywear campaign; the sophistication of the underwear is well complimented by his masculine and James Bond-esque appeal. It seems there’s subtle disclaimer attached to these photos, too. If you wear nothing but Hugo Boss underwear, you will have people crawling all over you. Works for us!

Stay tuned for upcoming Hugo Boss Spring Bodywear releases; in the meantime, check out the gallery below featuring the pictures from the new campaign.

Photo Credit: Hugo Boss


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