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Garcon Model, or GM, is a Vancouver-based underwear brand that entered the industry in 2012. Offering classic cuts for boxer briefs and briefs, the brand uses nylon and elastane to achieve ultra-soft touch and perfect fit for the modern man. So early on, the brand is also marketing and branding themselves exceptionally well. Enticing imagery and unique campaigns already set them apart. To prove it, the brand created the official GM Calendar so that you can enjoy GM month after month.

The campaign featured in the GM Calendar was photographed in a quarry in Croatia by Danijel Galic. The shoot featured models Stojić Ivan, Sandro Stellini, Fedja Dzafic, Nina, Martin Kolaj and Marcel de Privitellio. 

The focus of Garcon Model’s underwear is confident masculinity with a hint of luxury. “Our goal is to provide a modern classic elegance that will make men feel confident,” said Mehdi Mebarki, the brand’s founder and creative director. “We wanted to have this universal appeal that carries you throughout any situation.”

With underwear like that and a great campaign photo by Danijel Galic for every month, the Official GM Calendar definitely has a home on our walls for 2013. Check out the images from the calendar below and let us know which month you’re most looking forward to. Then, don’t forget to watch the behind the scenes video of the shoot after the jump!


Wish you had made it to Croatia to watch the calendar being made? Luka Stemberger filmed this behind the scenes video of the shoot.


For more information about this brand: Garcon Model

Photo Credit: Garcon Model
Hair and Make-up: Daniel Domika


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  1. Underpants Man says:

    And the presence of a woman in the ad is supposed to make it not gay or something? Sheesh! It’s men in their underwear. Pretty gay to me.

  2. Ryan_P says:

    Since when underwear have sexual preferences? Why does everything has to turn around gays? I’m a straight dude and I like underwear AND I like the girl in their pics. Get over yourself Underpants Man.

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