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Garcon Model 1Vancouver-based brand Garçon Model, launched their brand in the winter of 2012. Why? Mehdi Mebarki, founder and creative director of Garçon Model, sees a void in the underwear industry. He believes that guys have been wearing the same couple brands for the past few decades and that the time has come to update their drawers. The Garçon Model launch aims to fill that void and to bring sexy, classy underwear to men who want underwear they can treasure. Here at The Underwear Expert, we know that style should begin with the first thing you put on in the morning – your underwear. Garçon Model agrees, and the brand is working hard to bring great undies to the guys who share their beliefs.

After checking out the briefs and trunks of the recent Garçon Model launch, and seeing the 2013 official GM calendar (a must for any underwear fan), we had a chat with Mehdi Mebarki, who filled us in on Garçon Model’s origins and its goals for the future.

The Underwear Expert: Your slogan is “The New Standard for Men’s Underwear.” Why did you choose it?

Mehdi Mebarki: We felt like it was time to set a new standard for men’s underwear. Everyone has been mainly wearing the same couple brands for the last 20 years and we believed it was time to come up with a modern and fresher version of classic underwear. Something sexy but not classless.

Garçon Model 4The Underwear Expert: Tell us about the origin of your brand.

Mehdi Mebarki: We realized that there was a wide array of underwear but none with the sense of elegance and style that we were looking for. We wanted to create that universal piece that every man would enjoy and look sharp in, whether it was under a suit or a pair of jeans. That one item that you treasure in your wardrobe. 

The Underwear Expert: What sort of person do you think will appreciate Garçon Model the most?

Mehdi Mebarki: Garçon Model has this universal appeal infused with a sense of masculinity and classic refinement that would suit men from all around the social/professional scope. The versatility of the GM underwear makes it appealing to any man that takes pride in style and appearance. It’s understated and classic yet modern and sexy; a must for any man.

The Underwear Expert: What do you think is important about underwear?

Garçon Model 2Mehdi Mebarki: It should have a sense of style. There is nothing worse in our opinion than a well dressed man undressing to an old rumpled pair of underwear. The sense of style should not stop at the underwear. Whatever your style is, you want to look good all the way.

The Underwear Expert: Why is underwear important for the modern man?

Mehdi Mebarki: Nowadays our active lifestyles require us to run from meetings with clients to the gym to a date. Let’s face it: we are all constantly busy and running. This demanding lifestyle requires not only comfort and breathability but also, foremost, that we look good in our undies from morning to evening. Our iron-free technology and form fitting cuts will ensure that your underwear stays fresh and ironed out all day.

The Underwear Expert: Why should guys think about what they wear?

Mehdi Mebarki: This is about how you present yourself to the world. Guys understand that already and most of us do care about our looks and the way we are perceived.

Garçon Model 3The Underwear Expert: What do you say to someone who says he just prefers to go commando?

Mehdi Mebarki: Ahah… I would say “good for you!” although there are definitely times when, socially, you still need underwear. For these times, I’d still recommend a pair of stylish and comfortable underwear (Garçon Model ones, of course!).

The Underwear Expert: You shot a great promotional video for your Iconic Metallic collection. Where was it filmed?

Mehdi Mebarki: We found an amazing photographer and video director in Croatia. Their aesthetic matched ours exactly and we got lucky to have found them. We are already preparing more!

 The Underwear Expert: And who designed the logo for your brand?

Mehdi Mebarki: We’ve worked with some talented designers to come up with the GM brand. We instantly fell in love with this logo and knew that it would be the one to carry our core values.

 The Underwear Expert: If you could get one model or celebrity to be photographed in Garçon Model underwear, who would it be?

Garçon Model 5

Mehdi Mebarki: Definitely James Bond (Daniel Craig). In our opinion he embodies masculinity, style and elegance. We actually designed the collection with him in mind. The idea was that if our underwear would look good with a suit, it would look good with any other outfit. We aimed at the top of style and luxury.

The Underwear Expert: What exciting plans do you have on the horizon?

Mehdi Mebarki: We have many more amazing designs being developed. We will also be coming up with other types of garments to match our aesthetic and surprise our fans.

The Underwear Expert: What have consumers’ responses been like?

Mehdi Mebarki: Beyond anything we could have hoped. We have been talking with some of the most talented and influential names in the fashion industry, too. Some great photographers, stylists to the stars, fashion bloggers. The public has been awesome, of course. The response has been amazing.

For more information about this brand: Garçon Model

Photo Credit: Garçon Model


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