Garcon Model Boxer Brief: A Stylish Alternative for the Active Man

Image Garcon Model Boxer Brief

Garcon Model introduces a collection of stylish boxer briefs ($32) made from a microfiber blend that offers ultimate comfort and support for the active man.

“With Garcon Model’s boxer briefs, you get the best of both worlds,” said Mehdi Mebarki, founder and creative director of the Vancouver-based Garcon Model. “We designed our line for men involved in active lifestyles that like to look sharp. We are strong believers of the adage ‘dress for success’ and we believe that includes your undergarments at the gym.”

Garcon Model’s boxer brief utilizes a fabric blend of 82% nylon and 18% elastane. This combination is moisture wicking, breathable and allows freedom of movement—a perfect candidate for stylish athletic wear. Plus, the combination makes for a one-of-a-kind fit. Ideal to wear during any physical activity, the boxer brief offers a supportive contour pouch, which has a double layer of fabric for additional comfort in the front.

“The fabric really acts as a second skin; you are barely conscious of it,” said Mebarki. “We also removed any tags and printed the care label so that you won’t have to experience the annoying itching in the back.”

In addition to superior performance qualities, the Garcon Model boxer brief is just plain good looking. The boxer briefs offer unique contemporary design details in smart accent colors, and exceptional construction. The boxer briefs also feature a wraparound Garcon Model logo on the waistband. “It’s elegant, bold and it screams sexiness,” said Mebarki.

Currently available, the Garcon Model boxer brief is offered in five colors: red, green, blue, black and white. “We chose these colors because they are classic colors and ultimately the most versatile to go with any wardrobe,” said Mebarki. “We wanted men to have a safe choice no matter what colors they choose from.”

The Garcon Model boxer briefs are available in S-L.

For more information about this brand: Garcon Model

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