Davey Wavey: Fitness Model

You’ve seen the YouTube videos. You’ve gone on The Underwear Expert’s Davey Wavey Road Trip (not to mention Part 2). You’ve not only fallen in love with Davey Wavey’s charm, you’ve become jealous of his impressive body. Of course, Davey Wavey wasn’t just born with an amazing physique. He worked for it. We visited him at the gym so he could show us some of his workouts. Luckily, we brought The Underwear Expert photographer Aydin Arjomand. The experiment resulted in a gallery of Davey showing off his fitness model moves. Trust us, after seeing these photos, you won’t be able to wait for the gym.

Commenting on his lifestyle, Davey Wavey told us, “I spend a lot of time exercising–be it working out in the gym, rock climbing, doing Pilates or gymnastics.”

While many feel that they don’t have enough time to fit in a full exercise routine, Davey says that anyone can fit a workout into their day – even the president! “Did you know that Barack Obama spends 1 hour a day exercising? If the leader of the free world has time to hit the gym, then so do you. … it’s not a matter of not having enough time to exercise. It’s not having enough time not to exercise.”

We followed Davey Wavey through his workout routine as he lifted, curled and crunched. The best part? This workout was an underwear workout. We saw our new favorite fitness model in a variety of briefs from six different brands! See them all below, then let us know if you think more gyms should allow underwear workouts.

Photo Credit: Aydin Arjomand Exclusively for The Underwear Expert
Makeup: Colby Smith

Underwear worn by Davey Wavey in the Fitness Model Photos:
Aussiebum’s Orange Lockerboy Brief ($24.90)
Hugo Boss’ Blue Boxer BM ($25)
C-IN2’s White Grip Profile Brief ($24)
C-IN2’s Dark Emerald Zen Slider Brief ($26)
Modus Vivendi’s Blue Winegrower Querelle Short (€30)
Quarter Homme’s Low-Rise Nano Brief ($23)
ES Collection’s Blue Sport Brief ($55)

For more information about these brands: Aussiebum, C-IN2, ES Collection, Hugo Boss, Modus Vivendi and Quarter Homme


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