13 Undies Under $13 for ’13

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The US Congress might have steered away from the fiscal cliff, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good reasons to save. After a season filled with gifts, holidays and excess, most of us are looking for ways to tighten our belts. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between great underwear and saving money. There are plenty of cost-effective ways to refill your underwear drawer with new options for the new year. That’s why we put together this list of 13 pairs of underwear under $13. Whatever your financial situation in 2013, here are 13 sexy, affordable undies that will make you forget all about that fiscal cliff business.

13. Tommy Hilfiger Hip Brief 5 Pack, ($40) This cotton hip brief is the new look of Tommy Hilfiger–sleek, sophisticated, and at $8 a pop, a bargain. 

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Tommy Hilfiger

12. 2(x)ist Men’s Essential Fly-Front Brief 3-Pack, ($24.50) Three pairs of underwear for $8.17 a piece? There’s a good deal. Because it’s from 2(X)IST, you know the construction, fit and style will be up to par.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear 2(X)IST

11. Michael Kors Cotton Basic Brief 3 Pack, ($26.50) It’s the tighty whitie with a stylish spin, featuring a low rise, higher cut legs and functional fly. As far as good looking, everyday undies go, you can’t go wrong with Michael Kors 100% cotton basics that are only $8.83 each.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Michael Kors

10. Freegun Krash Boxer Brief, ($12.95) Perfect for the younger guy in his late teens or early twenties, the Freegun Krash Boxer Brief is a good way to test the often murky waters of flashy, fun undies.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Freegun


9. Emporio Armani Boxer Brief 3 Pack, ($36)  From the pinnacle of high fashion, you get three luxurious Emporio Armani boxer briefs made from silky soft cotton for $12 each.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Emporio Armani

8. Calvin Klein Underwear Classics 3-Pack Low Rise Brief, ($27.50) Keep things classic and cool with Calvin Klein Underwear. A men’s go-to for decades, these are briefs are only $9.17 and certain to always be in your rotation.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Calvin Klein

7. Papi 3-pack Premium Cotton Keyhole Brief, ($16.50) Just because you’re not spending a lot doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself. Papi knows how to keep you looking sexy and unique with your pants off, and for $5.50 only each, it’s obvious they know how to make a man happy.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Papi

6. American Apparel Organic Baby Rib Brief, ($12) American Apparel excels at creating understated, colorful underwear that you can wear anytime. At just $12, you might just find your new favorite pair of briefs at a price that won’t make you sweat.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear American Apparel

5. PPU Jockstrap, ($12.95) Not all affordable options have to be briefs. If you’re a jockstrap man, you can still get a great value for your money from PPU’s Jockstrap.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear PPU

4. Gap Flannel Plaid Boxer Shorts; ($12.50)
 Made from super soft brushed flannel, these boxer shorts from the Gap are festive, fun, and amazingly comfortable. While certain guys may find boxer shorts a little too bunchy for daytime wear, they make excellent sleep shorts and the loose fit is quite forgiving on the day of the big Thanksgiving day meal.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Gap

3. BR4SS Fitted Boxer, ($12) Whether you’re looking for more breathing room for your boys or you just want something to wear around the house, the BR4SS Fitted Boxer has got you covered with style.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Br4ss

2. Mundo Unico Conscience Collection, ($12) There are so many emerging South American brands, it can be tough to know where to start. With affordable underwear starting at just 12 bucks, Mundo Unico is a safe bet.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Mundo Unico

1. Hugo Boss Pure Cotton Mini Hip Brief 3 Pack, ($24.50) Hugo Boss offers a pack of $8.17 briefs including three different colors so that you can diversify your looks while minimizing your expense.

Fiscal Cliff Underwear Hugo Boss

For more information about these brands: 2(X)ISTAmerican Apparel, BR4SSCalvin Klein UnderwearEmporio ArmaniFreegun, GapHugo Boss, Michael KorsMundo Unico, Papi, PPUTommy Hilfiger

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