10 Chord Overstreet Photos to Make You Glee

Gleeks and underwear fans have at least one thing in common: they both love Chord Overstreet. Chord’s Glee character, Sam Evans, seems totally unafraid to show his underwear to his classmates. At one point in the show, it’s even revealed that Evans was working as a stripper! Chord Overstreet isn’t shy in real life, either. He has stripped down to his undies for photographers and talk show hosts alike, creating a wave of Overstreet-mania that’s sweeping over the internet. In preparation for the season premiere of Glee on the 24th, we celebrate our favorite student at William McKinley High School and the actor who plays him. We’ve made a list of 10 Chord Overstreet photos that are sure to make you glee. Check them out below, and let us know if you’re on #teamchord.

This scene started The Underwear Expert’s love affair with Chord Overstreet. He’s wearing a jock on his face to imitate Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Chord shows off his new Ellen undies on the comedian’s show. This is further proof that the guy is not afraid to drop trou in front of a large crowd. (This is also proof that Mr. Overstreet works his glutes. Do your squats, guys).

Chord must have caught Christian Rios’s eye because the actor is featured heavily in the photographer’s new coffee table book.

Another shot from Christian Rios’s coffee table book, this photo shows a nearly-prone Chord Overstreet wearing a nifty pair of sunglasses.

Here’s one more shot by Christian Rios, for good measure. Chord is wearing pants, but if you were wondering why he has such a huge fan base, this image should give you an idea. He’s chiseled, confident and just boyish enough to be approachable.

Chord gets dressed in front of his competition for the heart of Quinn. Now THAT is confidence.

Overstreet’s character has a brief stint as a stripper. Since this is a family show, the strip club is more Mike & Ike than Magic Mike.

Glee’s version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show features Chord Overstreet in gold boxer briefs.

Who’s rocking the best sleepwear? While Overstreet definitely gets high marks for his boxer briefs, we have to admit that Finn’s Power Rangers t-shirt is pretty cool.

Finally, here’s a shot of Chord as he channels Ryan Lochte in a pair of red swim trunks.

Photo Credit: Christian Rios, Fox, Just Jarred


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