Channing Tatum Underwear Habits

With all the Channing Tatum underwear scenes in 2012’s Magic Mike, the star has been all over the underwear radar (even though he actually underwear modeled as early as 2000). Apparently, this superstar loves being in his underwear more than we could have ever guessed! A (sort-of) Channing Tatum underwear focused interview has hit the web!

Though he recently announced he’s expecting his first child, apparently there’s a few Channing Tatum underwear habits that are keeping him quite youthful and fun:

““I like being in my underwear on the couch,” the star said in an interview. “I’m not a morning person and I’m really good at sleeping.”

Channing Tatum underwear activities span much further than the couch, however. In the same interview, the star also revealed that his morning wake-up includes jumping out of his bedroom window into the pool… what?? Fortunately, the bedroom is actually only one story high. Assuming he sleeps in his underwear, don’t be surprised if we set up a stakeout to catch that morning cannonball, Channing!

We’re sure there’s plenty of  Channing Tatum underwear stories his wife, Jenna Dewan, could tell us, especially since the star brags about his special talent for massages. Channing Tatum believes in his massage skills so much, he boasted that it probably would have been his career had acting not worked out:

“I could have been a professional. The only class I really liked at school was anatomy,” he said.

Well, with all the Channing Tatum underwear stories out there, and because it sounds like he wears full pants for only about three minutes each day, the star must be pretty confident in his anatomy.

What are your crazy underwear habits?!

Photo Credit: Rodalfo Martinez


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