5 Best Super Bowl Ads w/ Underwear

With Super Bowl XLVII just around the corner, we thought we’d go back over some of our favorite ads. We came up with a list of the five best Super Bowl ads featuring underwear. Our only rule was that it couldn’t be an advertisement for underwear (we’re looking at you, David Beckham). These are our favorite ads for beer, cars and career search sites that happen to feature some solid shots of underwear.

Will we see any new additions to this list on Super Bowl Sunday?

5. Casual Fridays

What if every day was casual Friday? What if casual Friday meant that your office would be packed with middle-aged guys in briefs? Career Builder’s ad showed exactly what would happen in this wild dystopia.

4. Toyota Camry


Toyota reinvented the couch – it also comes in male. The ad shows all the other great stuff that Toyota has invented, in addition to the Camry, which has everything we could want.

3. Glondor

Get prepared before you come in to buy a car. Otherwise you have to bring along Glondor, the underwear -wearing death match fighter. Ok, this ad doesn’t make much sense, but it made us smile.

2. Coke Sleepwalker

A man sleepwalks in his underwear on an epic quest for refreshment. Spoilers: there are elephants.

1. I Wear No Pants

This song will be stuck in your head. We guarantee it.

Photo Credit: Toyota


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