The Best Men’s Underwear Scene of 2012

With the Oscars just around the corner, we felt the need to jump on the awards show bandwagon and give our opinion on the best movie of the year from an underwear lover’s perspective. 2012 was a great year for men’s underwear with scenes scattered across blockbusters and indie films alike. We saw some movies that we knew would have great underwear scenes, but we got hit with a few surprises as well. Check out our nominees below, and find out which film wins The Underwear Expert’s Best Men’s Underwear Scene of 2012 award after the jump!

The Nominees:

1. The Paperboy

After extensive coverage here on The Underwear Expert, The Paperboy was a sure-bet to get a nod. Zac Efron gave a commanding performance in underwear throughout several scenes of the film. We’re focusing on that rain scene, in which he slow dances with Nicole Kidman in his briefs.

2. The Lucky One

What’s that? A double nomination for Zac Efron? The High School Musical graduate has had quite the year. The Lucky One showed Efron in a masculine role. For underwear fans, the highlight was this nomination-worthy scene:

3. Magic Mike

As far as movies with great underwear scenes go, Magic Mike had a lot of hype. In the eyes of underwear fans, few movies in history have had this much buildup. We’re talking The Phantom Menace plus The Matrix times Inception levels of excitement. Was it a let-down? Not at all. In fact Magic Mike fulfilled just about every promise from its posters and trailers. We saw a lot of guys in all sorts of underwear dancing on stage. There was even an underwear shopping scene!

1. Moonrise Kingdom

Our final nominee is a bit of a dark horse, but it deserves a nod. Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom featured little Jared Gilman dancing in his whitey tighties on a beach with his crush. Sure, it might not have the raw power of some of these other underwear scene giants, but this charming film captured our hearts. If we ever had an award for “best movie that made us cry when we watched it on a plane,” it would go to Moonrise Kingdom.

And the winner is…

Magic Mike!

No surprises this year! Magic Mike was an underwear juggernaut crashing through fishing boats. Congratulations to everyone who made the Fantasia of underwear possible.

Photo Credit: American Empirical Pictures, Lee Daniels Entertainment, Warner Brothers


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