aussieBum League 2013 Update

IMAGE Aussiebum League 2013 swim trunk back

In celebration of the current summer season in Australia and the New Year, aussieBum updates its popular League series of swimwear trunks ($47.42 USD) for 2013. Currently available, the Aussiebum League 2013 collection gets updated each year with new colors and the corresponding number of the new year.

The sporty inspired aussieBum League 13 collection gives fans of the swimwear plenty of options with 9 different colors to choose from that include yellow, royal blue, navy blue, brown, burgundy, neon green, red, white and olive. The number “13” appears on the back of the trunk in a bold, classic white print and on the front right side of the trunk.

Stay ahead of the game with aussieBum League 13 collection premium quality Italian fabric. Made in Australia, the range is made from from 80% nylon and 20% lycra, which offers offers a stretchable fit and flattering curve. Plus, the fabric underwent advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure top durability. The elastic waistband includes a drawstring in black with a subtle print of the brand’s logo.

The aussieBum League 13 trunks are available in XS-XXL.

 Aussiebum League 2013 swim trunk

Aussiebum League 2013 swim trunk back

For more information about this brand: aussieBum

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