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Andrew Christian Interview

Andrew Christian Interview 1What would you ask Andrew Christian if you had the opportunity? The designer and founder of the Andrew Christian underwear brand recently responded to fan questions about his company, his parties and his own taste in underwear. We’ve posted the unconventional Andrew Christian interview curated by the brand below – have a look and let us know what you think of the brand.

Teddy Grams: Do you wear your own underwear designs and which design is your favorite?

Andrew Christian: Of course I wear my own underwear; I actually test out new designs before I release them to the masses. This way I can make sure I am producing the best fitting and most comfortable underwear possible. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite pair of underwear. I feel like each of my designs is like one of my children. If I had to choose one, I would have to say it’s the brand new Trophy Boy Brief. These underwear are designed with an extra large pouch for those boys who need a little added comfort and room in front.

 Jeff Shepherd: When are you going to model your underwear for us?

Andrew Christian: I always find it flattering when people ask me to model the underwear, but I would feel way too exposed and conceited to do modeling for my own brand. I appreciate the compliments though!

Werner Strydom: What are you looking for in a model?

Andrew Christian: Most people automatically think that being an Andrew Christian model is all about looks, but even if a model is physically perfect, sometimes the fans will not respond to them. Andrew Christian fans love models that have a big personality, that know how to have fun, and do not take themselves too seriously. A perfect AC model is the cute boy next door, with a bit of a naughty side.

Kevin Dills: Is it possible to get bigger sizes?

Andrew Christian: We used to offer the larger sized underwear and it really did not sell. Our brand has grown a lot and if this is something the fans keep asking for, I will consider it. Who knows? Maybe it be offered sometime very soon.

Nick Porter:  Do you feel that the Andrew Christian brand is having a negative or positive effect of the overall body image of gays?

 Andrew Christian Interview 2Andrew Christian: I think Andrew Christian has a positive effect on the body image of gays. I have traveled all around the US doing fashions shows and I’m always struck when I meet people and they tell me such inspirational stories. I met a guy one time at a fashion show I was doing in Seattle. He revealed to me that he had lost 120 pounds just so he could fit into Andrew Christian underwear. Now if this isn’t positive I don’t know what is. Not only does this guy look good now, but he will lead a longer and much healthier life now. It’s all about being the best you can be. Sure the underwear looks good on our sexy models but, I design the underwear to fit real people and make them feel attractive and sexy.

Dominic Marsden: Will you be designing more for the Trophy Boy range? At the moment there is only black, white and Aqua in briefs.

 Andrew Christian: There are more updates to the Trophy Boy range. I was a bit taken back by the popularity of Trophy Boy, honestly we have never had an underwear range take off as quicly as Trophy Boy. I am rushing more into the works, so don’t fret.

Matthew Kelly: How do I get an invite to an Andrew Christian party? I would really like to go to one.

Andrew Christian: The best chance you would have would be to visit Los Angeles because we are headquartered here. We do attend huge events like Winter Party in Miami, White Party in Palm Springs, Black and Blue Ball in Canada, and Matinee in Vegas.

Fenix Phinea: Did you ever expect to become successful quickly?

Andrew Christian: Andrew Christin was not an overnight success. I actually started the company in 1997, and at that time I only made sportswear. The collection evolved over the years. I slowly added swimwear, then underwear. That is when the popularity of Andrew Christian spiked–with the release of underwear. It’s been really great how the public has accepted and grown to love my designs, but I am humbled by my years of struggling in the the beginning of my career. I do feel blessed to have what I have now.

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0 thoughts on “Andrew Christian Answers Fan Questions

  1. Frank says:

    Andrew Christian travels the country and hears inspirational stories about underwear from gay men. Really? I’m not judging. Oh yea, I am. lol

  2. yesterdaysgentleman says:

    I would ask andy, questions like has he ever been intermate with a model who worked for? Then I would ask has he settled down yet or would he if he found the right man to fall in true love and marry? ??? And finally would he personally mentor someone whom has lead a lost and frightened exsistence in their world, wwouldagigentleman, to his true station and purpose

  3. Robby C. says:

    Not convinced about the reason that he doesn’t make bigger sizes. Abercrombie and Fitch are well known for not going over a certain size because of their disdain for what they view as “undesirable people” to be seen in their clothes. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what is going on here.

    I’m in decent shape and not ashamed of my body at all, and I’d love to wear some AC styles, but can’t fit into a 36 realistically. How is it that other underwear companies offer all different types of products to the size 38 and above crowd and not have a problem selling them? Doesn’t sound like a lack of demand to me – sounds like a little size discrimination. We aren’t all tiny – even some thicker guys like nice underwear, Mr. Christian.

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