Adam Levine Shirtless on SNL: The Almost-Underwear Sighting

This weekend, Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. Appearing without his Maroon 5 bandmates, Levine tried his hand at comedy. Here at The Underwear Expert, we were especially excited for Saturday’s show because we knew that between Adam’s love of underwear and previous Adam Levine underwear sightings, we might be in for a live Levine undies sighting. We were so close. Instead of dropping trou, Adam Levine went shirtless in his SNL monologue, which featured guest appearances by Cameron Diaz, Jerry Seinfeld and Andy Samberg.

The monologue was more of a short skit, parodying The Voice (the vocal talent show on which Levine is a judge). Levine, who had never hosted SNL before, wondered aloud if he was going to be successful in a comedic role. A crash of thunder sounded, and a chair swiveled to reveal Andy Samberg. Andy explained that his own experience on SNL made him the perfect coach. Another crash sounded, and the second chair turned to reveal Cameron Diaz. She claimed that to be successful, Adam needed to take off his shirt. Samberg wetted his hand with moisturizer and stuttered an agreement. With one last crash of thunder, the third and final chair turned and revealed Jerry Seinfeld. He made a couple of jokes about being a Jewish comedian and then advised Levine to leave his shirt on. Of course, the singer eventually took the advice of Diaz and Samberg and popped off his shirt to a roaring crowd.

How do you think Adam Levine did on SNL?

Photo Credit: NBC


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