2wink Australia Sexyboy Trunks Arrive

IMAGE 2wink Australia Sexyboy Trunks

2wink Australia adds two new designs of low rider trunks to its collection. Currently available, the 2wink Australia Sexyboy trunks ($24.95 AUD) feature shimmering metallic waistbands with the brand’s name embroidered in black.

The 2wink Australia Sexyboy trunks are made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The trunks are offered in two colors that are influenced by the brand’s native country.

“Red looks sexy in anyone’s eyes and the new ranges come in an Aussie desert red and popular boys color blue called Aussie reef blue,” said Carl McNeill, president of 2wink Australia. “2wink added some dazzle by including a metallic waistband that sparkles when captured by light.”

In addition to the metallic waistbands, the 2wink Australia Sexyboy trunks present exposed external black cross-stitching and black binding around the leg holes with a sporty “V” shape on the side.

“The sex appeal is in the low rider cut with the front pouch cupping and lifting your manhood while the cotton and spandex fabric snug your behind giving a firm grip,” said McNeill.

“The Sexyboy title is well suited for the low rider trunks. Sex appeal is captured in every angle and certainly designed to attract attention. We wanted a design for guys to look sexy and for them to show off their body.”

The 2wink Australia Sexyboy trunks are available in S-XL. 

For more information about this brand: 2wink Australia

2wink Australia SexyBoy Trunks 2

Photo Credit: 2wink Australia


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