STRAIGHT GUYD: 5 Underwear Mistakes You Always Make

When it comes to underwear, straight men have fallen behind their gay brethren for quite some time. While guys like me represent the exception to the rule, the majority of straight guys’ relationship with their underwear is one of impartiality, shame, and excuse making.

I would love to make excuses for your involuntary ignorance, but I can’t. Come on guys, it is 2013! The men’s underwear industry is big enough to rival the women’s underwear industry, but you wouldn’t know that when you peer into the underwear drawers of most of us. Thankfully for you, I am here to help.

Here’s a list of the five underwear mistakes most straight guys make. Hopefully you fellow straight guys will be able to finally accept the one or two  all of the mistakes you’ve been making and take the appropriate steps to bring your underwear up to speed:

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