Soak Up the Sun with Ca-Rio-Ca

Carioca Boy Image

Despite what you may think, Ca-Rio-Ca does not stand for “California-Rio-California.” The name of the Brazilian brand actually comes from the indigenous Tupi language. The word “Carioca” means “a resident of Rio.” It’s easy to see the pride the brand takes in its heritage from the series by MILO800 featuring Loui Diaz. The model spends some quality time basking in the sun and soaking in the pool. The swimwear he’s modeling shows off the brand’s name; some pairs proudly display “Rio de Janeiro” or “Brasil” with bold letters across the crotch or seat.

If you’re missing the sun and the pool, check out the gallery below. Ca-Rio-Ca might just be the holiday vacation swimwear you were looking for.

For more information about this brand: Ca-Rio-Ca

Photo Credit: MILO800


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