Sexy Men’s Underwear: 5 Behind Closed Doors Trends

When it comes to sexy men’s underwear, the public tends to be hush hush on the topic, all the the while buying it up faster than the stores can stock it. We’re talking about the super sexy thongs, mesh, lace, leather and singlets here. The stuff that doesn’t get nearly enough attention as everyday boxers and briefs, but that’s definitely appreciated by just as wide an audience. Is it still such a taboo to talk about your or his sexy men’s underwear? Maybe the world’s not ready to discuss the stuff that makes us look sexy, and in all honesty, is nice to wear, around the water cooler, but The Underwear Expert sure is.

To shed a little light on some sexy men’s underwear trends that are generally kept in the dark, we’re spotlighting 5 underwear trends / fetishes / designs by style and benefit with a prime example to accompany each.



Consisting of a pouch, a waistband and a narrow string that goes between your legs to keep the two together, the thong was originally developed to provide minimal coverage and minimize the possibility of underwear lines showing up through your clothes. Today’s thong still keeps your undies undetectable, but they’ve gotten a lot more stylish, like the Show-It Thong by Andrew Christian ($23), which features a package-enhancing pouch to boot.

When to wear: Since the thong tends to be simple in its design, it’s usually comfortable, so you can wear one anytime you want a lines-free look. However, the minimal coverage does put your buns on display, so if you’re definitely apt to show off the assets, you know, at a family reunion or something, the thong is the way to go.


From translucent to sheer to completely see-through, mesh fabric comes in different gauges and thicknesses to show off just the right amount of skin. Guys love it for that barely there feeling that lets the air flow all around your body, giving the illusion that you’re quasi-nude. Aside from the exceptional breathability it offers, one of the best benefits of mesh fabric is that it is used to make a wide variety of men’s underwear styles, not just super-revealing ones. One of our favorites is the Clever Petra Mesh Brief ($26), which is also available in a full length boxer brief.

When to wear: Mesh literally shows off everything, so it’s not for the shy, but since it’s available in a variety of coverage levels, you’ll find a mesh style best suited to your occasion. Wear a skimpy mesh thong when you’re feeling frisky or go for a longer length mesh boxer brief as your everyday underwear to sneak some scandal into your day.


Offering the same level of sheerness as mesh, lace is for guys with fetishes that put them in touch with their feminine sides. Also, it just plain feels good! The frilly goodness of lace, specially designed with the male anatomy in mind, is a surprisingly fashionable, and über sexy treat. If you’ve ever tried to squeeze on a woman’s lace style, the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no room for the boys. Guy’s lace underwear, like the Good Devil Lace Panel Trunk ($20), is designed with a contour pouch that provides plenty of room and sexy definition.

When to wear: Inhibitions aside, lace is notorious for getting one’s panties in a bunch, as they say, so we recommend these for special occasions when you don’t plan on wearing pants for very long.


Leather underwear caters a diverse crowd of guys, from those with hardcore fetishes to guys just wanting to experiment with their more adventurous sides. As the leather fetish grows, so do the number of styles available, making it one of today’s hottest fetish underwear trends. The Gregg Homme Octane Boxer Brief ($61.95) features a network of strips of faux leather and metal rings that forms the silhouette of a boxer brief for a look that’s super hot but way more breathable and easy to care for than the real thing.

When to wear: Being that most styles of leather underwear involve a number of buckles and clasps, it’s generally not a style befitting of everyday wear. There are, however, a great deal of themed parties, bars and other fetish-centric social functions where the right pair of leather underwear–and very little else–will win you the title of best dressed, pants down.

Wrestling Singlet

A wrestling singlet is a tank top and boxer brief all-in-one, designed to be worn during wrestling matches to minimize the fabric one’s opponent could grab. The upside is that they look super sexy, especially for the guy or girl with a locker room fetish. The Go Softwear American Jock Singlet ($41) is made from the same polyester/spandex blend fabric as the singlet you wore in high school and decked out in contrast stripes on the sides. How’s that for authentic?

When to wear: If you plan to wear the singlet by itself, save it for a really special occasion, like a wrestling match or a parade or your stint on American Gladiator (is that even on TV anymore?). Otherwise, feel free to wear your singlet for those at-home wrestling matches that almost always end up with the singlet on the floor next to the bed.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Clever, Go Softwear, Good Devil, Gregg Homme.

Photo credits: Andrew Christian, Clever, Go Softwear, Good Devil, Gregg Homme


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    I got a singlet a year ago to use for some rollplay with my ex. Well, he’s gone and I find great for lounging around the house.

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