Papi Six Pack Offers Body-Defining Compression

Papi releases its first collection of compression shirts designed to give you full core support for a slimmer and toned appearance. Currently available, the Papi Six Pack range is made from a specially designed fabric that is ultra-soft, breathable and moisture absorbent to keep you cool and dry throughout the day.Papi Six Pack Tank Top Black

These undergarments were designed to minimize the appearance of the belly and love handle areas, give your back support and firm the abdominal area. The Papi Six Pack collection, which consists of a tank top ($44) and V-neck T-shirt ($48), is made from 83% cotton and 17% spandex; with a four-way stretch, this fabric blend gives the needed strength to offer the proper amount of compression.

“The pattern is carefully engineered to insure it hugs the body specifically where it needs tuck and lift,” Lucio De Carvalho, vice president of design for Papi, told The Underwear Expert. “The special fabric and expert fit work to hide the unwanted fat areas and keeps the chest area firm while giving the back the support needed.”

Papi devised the compression shirts, available in S-XL and black and white, for consumers who are looking for a supportive men’s undergarment to give them a little more confidence. The Papi Six Pack range does exactly that by giving you a slimmer and more fit appearance.

The brand’s design team went through numerous trials and fittings until they found the perfect amount of spandex needed for the shirts. They ultimately utilized “a very soft comfortable cotton with a long filament that gives you an extremely soft quality,” said De Carvalho. “Cotton is a natural moisture absorbent fiber and is good to be worn during the summer or winter because it feels so cozy on the skin.”

Papi plans to upgrade the Six Pack collection with new features in the future.

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Papi Six Pack Tank Top White

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