Lupo Red Nose Arrives for the Holidays

Lupo Red Nose Trunks Purple IMAGE

Brazilian-based Lupo releases its Red Nose collection of athletic inspired trunks. Now available, the Lupo Red Nose range, which is named after a breed of pit bull, gives comfort and support during strenuous activities while offering a masculine, sporty look. This range of trunks is priced below $25.

“Coming into holiday season when you hear the term Red Nose you think reindeer,” Paula Finlayson, a representative of Lupo North America, told The Underwear Expert. “However as there are no reindeer in Brazil if you hear Red Nose mentioned there you need to be looking out for skateboarders, skydivers, extreme kayakers or Mixed Martial Art fighters.”

The Lupo Red Nose microfiber range is made from a nylon blend that forms tight to the body but gives needed ventilation and wicks away moisture with the added benefit of being extremely flexible for sports.

For a range of fashion colors, the Red Nose cotton collection is made from a stretch cotton blend that is thin, light and flexible. “This underwear is for people that want the look, even though they don’t participate in the sport they are following,” said Finlayson. “They show their support for their sport and participation in their group through wearing this underwear.”

The Red Nose styles are inspired by “street toughness,” noted Finlayson. Patterns include camouflage, fighting green, aggressive plaids, strong denims and wide waistbands with a wide waistband while featured colors include green, yellow, purple and red.

The Lupo Red Nose range is offered in S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Lupo

 Lupo Red Nose Trunks Purple

Lupo Red Nose Trunks Orange

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