Colby Melvin Underwear Christmas

December’s always a tiring month, longing for the holidays, waiting in two hour lines to buy the new Apple product, writing Christmas cards, convincing your relatives that “Masher” is not one of Santa’s reindeer, watching Elf for the thirteenth time; we feel your pain. Fear not, we’re here to help. Consider it a Christmas miracle, we’ve got some more Colby Melvin underwear photos!

Sorry for the blasphemy, but move over, baby Jesus; there’s a new boy on the block everybody’s going to see! These Colby Melvin underwear photos may seem vaguely familiar to be sure, but they’re definitely nothing you’ve seen before! As you can see in the Colby Melvin underwear Christmas photos below, these shots were clearly not photoshopped by an amateur, but were instead happened upon by an amazing Christmas miracle!

Some of the photos might remind you of Colby Melvin’s work in his trip to New York, his Splatter photo shoot, or some Andrew Christian projects, but we assure you these photos were sent us by the Christmas elves themselves; you can even see Santa spying on Colby in one of the shots! These Colby Melvin underwear photos are from the North Pole to all you underwear lovers out there! Which is funny… Because we figured you were all on the naughty list!

Check out the The Underwear Expert’s Underwear Model of the Year’s underwear Christmas pics below, and for those that celebrate Christmas: have a merry one! Happy Holidays to all!

Photo Credit: Aydin Arjomand for The Underwear Expert, Shawn Adeli for Andrew Christian, Gabriel Gastelum
Photo Editing: The Underwear Expert’s Elves


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