Will Ferrell Promises to Eat Undies

After Obama won his second term Tuesday night, many Americans have questions they want answered. What will the president learn from this election? How will our economy recover with a second term? But more importantly… When is Will Ferrell going to eat his own underwear??

Yes, you read that last question right! In Will Ferrell’s Saturday advertisement urging the American public to vote on election day, the veteran comedian and movie star promised all sorts of insane things in exchange for voters performing their civil duties. Some of these things included giving tattoos, making his own hip-hop dance routine, eating garbage, punching himself in the face, and most interestingly, eating his own underwear!

Well, Will Ferrell, we all voted here at The Underwear Expert, now put your underwear where your mouth is! On second thought… that might be kind of gross…

Maybe it was this video that put Obama over the top.. you never know! Check out the video below for a laugh!



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