West Phillips for 2Eros

West Phillips for 2Eros Image

At the end of September, we saw some of the fruits of West Phillips’ continued partnership with 2Eros. The 2Eros summer 2012 campaign was packed with familiar faces like Joey Greenwell, Pablo Hernandez and Julian Gabriel. We dug up even more great images from the campaign–the three models are looking great in 2Eros underwear, swimwear and those nifty 2Eros necklaces.

West Phillips seems to always come through for the brand. Sandy Tieng of 2Eros has said that “[West Phillips] has an eye for capturing color and, of course, his selection of real men with great bodies. His skill has developed throughout the years and we also have grown with him. It’s been an organic growth for both of us.”

The result is another pleasing set of images from the 2ERos summer 2012 campaign. West Phillips continues to be an excellent investment for the brand.

Check out the images below. Are you missing summer yet?

For more information about this brand: 2Eros

Photo Credit: West Phillips, 2Eros


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