Underwear Invasion at Michael Jackson Home

TMZ recently reported that, a few weeks ago, there was an underwear invasion at the estate of the late Michael Jackson to promote Jo and Rounderbum underwear. Although Michael Jackson’s seventh studio album, Bad, was released in late August of 1978, the title track’s opening lyrics, “Your butt is mine,” seem to be resonating over 34 years later!

Jo and Rounderbum underwear caused some stir with their photos due to the fact that the brands are, reportedly, all about lifting and sculpting the rear-end. A couple of the photos from the Michael Jackson estate photo shoot even give a peak at some exposed backside. The only true question left to be answered is, why are these men modeling half-naked at the late Michael Jackson’s home?

Questions aside, with somewhere around fifteen to 20 beautifully sculpted models at the underwear photo shoot, we’re thinking it doesn’t matter!

Check out the pictures of the underwear invasion below and let us know what you think!






Photo Credit: TMZ


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